Episode #15 A Liveaboard Sailboat


This episode looks at my favorite boat seen so far – a Moody 34

Stock media provided by Pond5/Retroklips ‘sailors scrambling…’ used by


7 Responses to “Episode #15 A Liveaboard Sailboat”

  1. chax2004 says:

    Dont know much about marine engines but a British built engine sounds
    expensive to repair.

  2. radbcc says:

    Let me give you some advice. All these people who are encouraging you to
    buy this boat, don’t really have an opinion on this boat. What they do
    want is for you to buy ANY boat, and put us out of our collective misery…
    Selling your house, and committing to live aboard with no sailing or
    mechanical skills is a recipe ripe for disaster. Think and think again.
    Good Luck…

  3. Richard Boote says:

    Moody’s are a Great Boat! Very popular here in the UK. Well built and a
    good Sea Boat.

  4. Davilia7 says:

    Lovely boat. Best you go buy it today!

  5. Paul Edwards says:

    Just an fyi, I’m sure you figured this out, but almost all center cockpit
    sailboats have the aft cabin layout…
    The boat looks good, Did you pull up the floor boards to see if there was
    any water in the bilge? what about the engine? how many hours? and what
    what’s the water and fuel capacity? I’d like a few more details, but it
    looks very promising…. You didn’t mention the price..

  6. apripassion says:

    Thats the boat man. I really love this boat.

  7. mason jack says:

    nice, i say buy it

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