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Scuba Diving or Scuba, an acronym for self contained underwater breathing apparatus, is a relatively new sport. Scuba Diving as a sport began in the early 1960s after technological advances were made in underwater breathing technologies that began in 1930s. With these developments, Scuba Diving is gaining vastly in popularity and is now accessible to practically everyone with only a modest investment. is a Scuba Diver’s resource dedicated to Diving Enthusiasts of all levels. From Snorkeling to Deep Sea Diving we cover the latest events and developments related to all forms of Scuba Diving. We present the latest diving destinations as well as the latest development in Scuba Diving products and accessories.

We would also like to encourage you to share your own personal diving experiences. Our Divers Logbook section is designed for you to share your own personal diving adventures with your fellow diving enthusiasts. So tell us about your current an planned diving adventures.

Scuba diving at Playa del Carmen, México, Tortugas; By Soljaguar, Creative Commons, Wikimedia


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  1. Gwen says:


    I came across your page ( on diving in Grüner See. My friend and I are planning to go Austria next year and we are hoping that we can dive Grüner See but unfortunately we couldn’t find any dive center that offers dive trip to the lake. Those website we found are all in non-english and we couldn’t understand. Would you be able to recommend us an english speaking dive center in Austria that offers dive trip to Grüner See? You help is greatly appreciated. Thank You!

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